[Solved] WordPress: Inconsistent File Permission ERROR


While building any site on WordPress or any other platform, the chances of running into an error is most likey. 100/100 will come across some kind of error while the development process.

Thankfully, many errors are common and the community has already given solution to the most of the errors.

Today, I am trying to contribute the solution to one common error which we may see in WordPress websites.


Inconsistent file permission error screenshot

Sometimes, if you are trying to update a THEME or a PLUGIN or the WordPress core files via WordPress dashboard you might run into this error. This is mainly due to incorrect permissions across WordPress directories and files.


chown admin -R*

Using the above command you will be able to solve the forementioned error instantly.

  1. Login to your SSH server using Putty or any other application of your choice
  2. Go to the root directory. Eg – public_html or html or var/www
  3. Once you are in the root directory run the following command –
  4. chown admin -R*


Refresh your website and try to update your plugin or theme.

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